Friday, August 1
[Porsche Club Finland training only for PCF members, not part of our event]
Arriving at the hotel "Tervise Paradiis" (Side 14, Pärnu) or hotel "Astra" close to it. "Tervise Paradiis" is a hotel with spa and water park, so perfect for the companions who don't want to spend the next day at the track. Access to water park, pool (6:30-15:00) and fitness center is free for every TP guest. Participants staying in Astra have to pay extra to enter waterpark in TP.

19:00 Gathering at Tervise Paradiis parking lot reserved for us. Fitting of compulsory sponsor decals and racing numbers on the cars.
20:00 Cruise in Pärnu. Please be very careful while driving in the parade. Show-off and reckless driving is not allowed!

Saturday, August 2
7:00-8:00 Breakfast
8:20 Gathering beside Tervise Paradiis
8:40 We drive to the track
9:00 Arriving at the track. Making of a group photo. Installation of transponders.
After the transponder is installed on your car, drive to the pits and leave your stuff in the garage designated for you.
10:30 Driver meeting.
To minimize the number of passings, there will be fast and slower sessions. Fast session is for the participants who have their personal auto24ring lap record under 1:32 and slower session is for the drivers with their personal record of 1:32+ and for the rookies (until they go under 1:32). Every session lasts 1 hour and has open pitlane. You drive as many laps as you want and come into the pits as many times as you want. A rookie-sign will be put on the rear bumper of cars which drivers are first time at our event. Full day of accident-free driving is our ultimate goal. Every lap is measured digitally and by the end of the day only the best lap of every car will go to the results table. If a car has more than one driver, the drivers should inform the organizer, which time belongs to which driver.
From our event Porsche Racing Club Finland gets the results also for its Time Trial series (information on the series from PRCF).
Please note: the pitlane is accessible only with wristbands given by the organizer.
11:00 Fast session (laptime up to 1:31,999)
12:00 Slower session (laptime 1:32.000+)
13:00 Fast session
14:00 Slower session
15:00 Fast session
16:00 Slower session
17:00 All cars
18:30 End of the driving sessions. We drive to the hotel
20:30 Dinner and awardgiving at the Tervise Paradiis restaurant, casual wear.

Sunday, August 3
7:00-10:00 Breakfast
10:00 Photoshooting beside Tervise Paradiis of the top 3 drivers with their cars + photo of the best country team of 5 drivers with their cars. Please be serious with it - once a podium car had left before the photoshooting.
12:00 Check-out from the hotel and individual departure

Kummimees awards 2 set of Michelin Pilot Sport, Super Sport or Cup tyres, one for the podium place and one for the lottery. The lottery will be drawn between the drivers of 4th and last position.
Other sponsors/awards not decided yet.
First 3 will be also presented with special cups and diplomas.

The times of 5 best cars from each country are taken into account and the 'average team time' is calculated. All 5 best car drivers from the winning country recieve medals.

Note: If a car has more than one driver, only the best driver will be counted for the awardable position.

* Insurances are not valid on the racetrack.
* The event is for street cars only. Every car must have a valid street car technical inspection and must arrive on its own, not on the trailer.
* Racing slicks are not allowed because many drivers are coming from abroad. Street legal racing tyres like Michelin Pilot Sport Cup and others are allowed.
* Only one set of tyres is allowed to use. It is not allowed to bring along a second set. This trackday is for everyday street cars and we want to keep it that way - it is not professional racing event where you have different tyres for different weather.

2013 film:

Results and reviews of 2013   2011   2010   2009   (There was no track day in 2012 due to the new track construction work)
The event was started as a Porsche Track Day in 2007. Between 2009-2013 a few other high end cars were allowed to participate, too, but the interest never increased from non-Porsche drivers and from 2014 the event is again for Porsches only.

In 2012-2013 a
completely new 3.2 km
auto24ring was built
on the grounds of the
old Audruring.

* Maximum 2 persons allowed in the car on the racetrack
* Helmet is mandatory for everyone in the car
* Pit area speed 10 km/h
* No burnouts - immediate ban from the event!
* Passing the car in front is only allowed from the left and with turn signal, like in normal traffic.
* It is allowed to pass the car in front only after its driver has activated the right turn signal - otherwise passing is prohibited.
* Slower car has the responsibility to let the quicker car take over in maximum one lap. When the quicker car has activated the left turn signal and the slower car doesn't activate its right turn signal in one lap, warning will be given to the slower car driver by the organizers. 2nd warning is a ban from driving.
* Driver who passes the slower car aggressively or dangerously, will get a warning. 2nd warning is a ban from driving.
* If the black flag is shown, the driver must complete the lap and return to the pits.
* Every participant is obliged to report every dangerous situation he sees - safe driving is the first priority of the day.
* If you drive off the track and cannot get back to tarmac on your own, you have to pay 500 EUR penalty (which goes to charity). This is because we don't like participants taking risks on our fun driving day (this is not professional racing!). Losing control of the car can hurt yourself and/or others, it will have financial consequenses and it will waste other participants' driving time waiting for your car to be removed.
* No cool-down on the race track as others drive at full speed.

Disclaimer will be signed by every driver after the driver meeting. The text is as follows:

Motorsport can be dangerous.

I participate on this track day on my own risk and I bear full responsibility for everything I do and for everyhting I will leave undone. Iím aware that driving a vehicle at high speed is dangerous and I have been given knowledge on how to minimize risks. I admit that the explanations given by organizers do not preclude dangerous situations nor possible damage.

I will use personal safety equipment (helmet, seat belt), will respect track rules and organizersí signals and orders. I will do anything to avoid accidents and in the case the accident is not avoidable, I will do anything to minimize the damage.

Iím aware that insurance companies do not compensate damages happened on a racetrack.

I assure with my signature, that I act on my free will, being aware of all threats and I will not press charges on organizers.

If Iím not ready to follow the orders given by organizers, I have always the possibilty and responsibility to withdraw from the participation of the event.

I will also bear full responsibilty for the transponder installed on my car. In the case I lose or ruin the device, I will compensate itís value of 300 EUR.

AndriusBoxster 987 SA
Ari B. Boxster 981 S-
Arturas 911 997.1 S X51
Arunas 911 991 ST
Audrius 911 997 GT3 RS 3.8T
Aurelius911 997 GT3 3.8T
Avo 911 3.2T
Dmitrij 911 997.1 4SA
Erik 911 997 GT3 3.6A
Guy 911 996.1 GT3 CST
Hannu 911 996.1 GT3 CST
Harri 944 TurboT
Heikki Cayman 987.2 S TechartT
Hugo 911 996.2 GT3T
James 944 Turbo 3.0A
Jan 911 997 GT3 RS 3.8T
Jani 911 996.2 GT3 CST
Jari 911 996.1 GT3 CST
Jarmo 911 996.1 GT3 Manthey-
Jorma 911 996 TurboT
Juha E. 911 997 GT3 RS 3.6
Juha G. 911 997.1 4S (RS3.8-look)
Juha M. 911 997 GT3 RS 3.6T
Juha S. 911 996.1 C2 3.4 X51A
Juha T. 911 996 C2 3.4T
Jussi-MikkoBoxster 986.1 ST
Jyrki Boxster 986.1 S-
Kai 911 996 TurboT
Kari 911 964 C2T
Kert 911 996 C2 3.4-
Kristjan911 993 C2 -
Maksims 911 991 ST
Markku 911 996.2 C2 "40 years"A
Matti 911 996.2 GT3T
Mika Boxster 986.1 ST
Norman 911 997.2 C2-
Paulius 911 964 C4T
Pekka H.911 997 GT3 CS 3.6A
Pekka V.911 996 3.4-
Petri 911 996.1 C2 TT
Sami 911 964 C2T
Tarmo 911 997 GT3 RS 3.6-
Teemu Sa.928 T
Teemu Sv.911 996.2 GT3 RSC 411T
Thomas 911 991 4S X51T
Tommy 944 TurboT
Toomas 911 964 C2A
Veikko 911 997 GT3 3.6T
Virgo 911 997 Turbo 3.6A
T - Tervise Paradiis, A - Astra hotel

Participation fee is 311 EUR per car and driver, 45 EUR for additional adult. Fee for kids calculated individually, depending on age.
Register by sending an e-mail to with:
* your full name and T-shirt size
* companion name and T-shirt size
* kids names and ages
* Porsche model, year, license plate number and if you have, the link to the webpage of your car (eg.
* tyre manufacturer and model (eg. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup)
* GSM number
* How many nights you want to stay at the hotel and which hotel/room.
Discounted room prices (per night):
Astra single room76 EUR
Astra twin room85 EUR
Astra deluxe room with sauna125 EUR
Astra deluxe room with jacuzzi138 EUR
Tervise Paradiis single room127 EUR
Tervise Paradiis twin room160 EUR
Tervise Paradiis family room for 2 adults + up to 2 kids up to 11 years238 EUR
Tervise Paradiis family room for 2 adults + 1 kid up to 11 years + 1 kid 12+ years275 EUR
Tervise Paradiis family room for 2 adults + up to 2 kids 12+ years312 EUR

Participant list will be closed on June 28.

* Please check your brake discs and change pads if necessary
* Definetely change brake fluid to racing fluid (eg. Motul RBF600,660)
* Fill the engine oil to the maximum and have a 1L spare oil with you for any case
* Put new tyres if needed. is the right man to ask!
* Make sure you know where the towing eye is
* Don't forget your video- and photocameras!
* Have an umbrella with you
* Have cash in your pocket for food at the track

This is not about where to park, but how to park. Please always park so that the car front will be towards the people walking by. This tip we got from Porsche Club Finland many years ago and this is really a simple way to get good photos where all the cars are always lined the same way. Thank you in advance for helping us with this small favour!

Kummimees Pšrnu Savi 16 (open Mon-Fri 8-18, Sat 9-14)


ORGANIZER James Herne tel. +372 56 911 911

W e l c o m e   t o   E s t o n i a !